Hole in one with Pro V1

By: Michael K
Posted: October 21, 2012

I have been playing golf for 30+ years and never had a hole in one until yesterday (10/20/2012). I used 9-iron on par 3 hole (135 yards) with my Titleist Pro V1 golf ball. I obviously had others brand name golf balls in my golf bag, but those are not the high spin balls. In fact, Pro V1 balls are the only high spin golf balls I carry in my bag. Lately, I have only been using high spin golf balls (Pro V1) even though they are more expensive than regular non-high spin golf ball nd I got a hole in one. It will really be hard to go back to any other golf balls....

I love the soft feel and the spin action I get with my pitching shots. My golf partners are really noticing the spin action i get with my pitch shots. I tell them it is the combination of my Titleist Vokey square groove wedge and Pro V1 golf ball. The combination creates some remarkable results for me. Mike K.

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