On number 11 I hooked my drive, heading towards out of bounds on the dog leg left par 4...I hit a construction worker, the ball ricochet of his hard hat back in bounds...thank God he was all right! Hitting the same Tilteist ball with a Titleist AP2 8 iron that was carried in a Titleist bag by me wearing a Titleist hat and Titleist glove the same Titleist ball that should have been out of bounds goes in for my first ace on the very next hole, number 12. I nutted a 3 qtr 8 iron into a slight wind. The hole was just over the crest of the green, when I hit it I said out loud "sweeet, going to be close!" Walking from my cart I could see 3 balls on the green, as I got closer I realized none were mine...before trudging down the hill to look for my ball, I assumed I went long, I started to turn and go get my wedge...then I stopped in my tracks, took a couple steps to look in the hole...and there it was! My first beautiful ace! It only took 27 years of golf addiction to get it accomplished!