Most golfers dream is to play the big courses, have a low handicap and shoot a hole-in-one. The biggest thrill I share is playing with 3 gals from my Monday league. All 3 have much lower handicaps than I. We were playing a side game called Umbriago. It's a 5-point system where one of the points is when you or your teammate lands on the green within regulation and of course getting closest to the pin. I shot first and and of course all eyes were watching to see how fast the green was as it kept rolling and rolling towards the pin... What an absolute thrill to actually see it disappear!!! Recently one of the gals from this 4-some went in for a heart procedure and several days after surgery passed on. Needless to say, our league is missing her tremendously not only because she spearheaded our league for many years, but she was a great person to be around and enjoyed the game to the fullest. I'm very fortunate to have had her witness my hole-in-one!!!