I've been playing off and on for a short couple of years. Yesterday 12/01/12 me and a friend that was in town from Texas decided to play a round on the course that I live on, Patriot Hills in East, TN. We played the back nine first and then the front nine. On the front nine we got to the 7th hole and it was a short hit over the water to the green 128 yards. I went with my 9 Iron and used a broken tee that I found laying on the ground. I took my swing and it felt great from the swing. The ball hit approximately 10-12 feet in front of the hole with a bounce it hit the flag pole and in it went. I dropped my club and was in AWWWW!!!! A guy that lives in my subdivision happened to be driving by and he stopped and said " Yes that just happened, I saw it go in." Even though I saw it happen I didn't believe it till I went over to the hole and pulled the ball out. It was a great day even though I had been sucking it up earlier in the day. I guess that how it goes. Well thats my story, enjoy!!!