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My First Hole In One After 50 years of Playing Golf

My First Hole In One After 50 years of Playing Golf

I slept late and got to the course 10 minutes before tee-off. No chance to hit balls like I usually do. I parred # 1 due to a great shot with my Volkey 56 degree wedge. When we got to the Par 3 second hole I chose a 9 iron, but my playing partner warned that with the wind it would be tough to carry the bunker that guarded the pin. I used an 8 iron and hit my Titlelist Velocity over the bunker and unto the green. Due to the bunker, we could not see it go into the hole-which is my only disappointment. All thought it was close-one commented it was in. I've heard this before. When we got to the green and didn't see my ball. I cautiously approached the hole and was thrilled to find the Velocity at the bottom of the cup. I have played golf for more that 50 years-this is truly a thrill.

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