Today didn't warm up as much as everyone first thought. Temp was about 45 degrees and the wind had picked up to about 15mph in our face. Strangely the whole round the wind seemed to be directly at us. We got to 16 and I got up to hit first because everyone else was playing the Senior tees. The pin was on the front right corned of an elevated green. Perfect for the fade I like to play with my hybrids. Yardage was playing 170 carry. I took a smooth swing with my 3 hybrid and felt like I made good contact. I watched it hit about two feet onto the front of the green and then release towards the whole. The ball tracked well and then disappeared. I turned to my partner Johnny and said," I think it went in.." I knew it had hit the green and wasn't going fast enough to roll through the green. I don't even remember the rest of the guys hitting... Sure enough as I got to the green and took a peek in the hole there lay my ball snuggled up tight to the flag at the bottom of the cup. I love this game!!