Hole-in-one stories

My first HIO - 19869

Sat morning mid January. Myself and two good friends from Chicago. Annual winter trip to Phoenix. Saturday morning little chilly. Standing on the third tee box golf club of Estrella. My good friend gets up and hits a beautiful shot too 12 ft. He says its a solid six iron. Knowing good and well I would try and hit a 7. I step up and hit a perfect six Nice and hi. It is all over the flag, my good friend Jeff yells get in! Sure enough one hop and drop. It was definitely a moment I will never forget. Especially since my best friend of 15 years was on the box to witness it. Hats of to titleist AP2 712, six iron and a pro v1!!!!

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It was luck for sure

I was involved in a 4 person best ball tournament. I was hitting terribly for the first 10 holes. It seemed like I haven't even played golf before even though I have been playing for years. Hole 15 came up and all of the members on my team either hit their ball into the green side bunkers or the lake to the right. The hole laid 166 pin location back right over 2 hills in the green. I used a soft 7 since my 8 was my worst club in my bag that day. I hit a low soft line and when the ball hit the green it must have rolled over 150 feet over both hills. I first thought Hey ya that will play. I took my eye off the ball and the next thing I knew my team ran towards me saying I got a HOLE IN 1. I didn't believe them because you couldn't even see the hole from the box. The closer I got to the green I felt like wow this shot must be pretty close because I couldnt see it. Well to my surprise it was a hole in 1. Not to mention we used all of my shots the next 3 holes. Hole in 1. Eagle. Birdie birdie. 6 under in 4 holes we won the tournament.

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Valentines Day Hole In One

While golfing with three of my girlfriends on Valentines day I got a hole in one on #14 at Stonecrest Country Club in Summerfield, FL. The uncanny thing was, on hole #11 I came very close to a hole in one. I mentioned to my cart partner that a hole in one is 20% skill, 80% luck! Hole #14 is an uphill par three. Even though it only measured 89 yards, there was a brisk wind in my face. Normally I would choose a 9 iron, but decided to use one more club for the wind and back up the allowed 2 club lengths. I took my swing and we all watched as the ball landed perfectly in line with the hole, bounced twice and slowly rolled into the cup.

We screamed so loudly that the neighbors came out of their houses to check out all the commotion. It was great to actually see the ball roll into the hole. My previous 2 holes in one were on sloped greens so I didn't know they were in the hole till I got to the green. This was my best Valentines day EVER!

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Hole in one number TWO

Windy day at Verandah .Hit a 8 Iron into wind over sand bunker and hill guarding green .When I got to green saw ball on green short of hole but it was not mine .Where did my ball go? My friend looked in the hole and there it was . Hi fives and congrats .Back to the club house for Free drinks for everyone. This is my second one. Bill

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Lightning Strikes Twice

It was that rare feeling of a "perfect shot". A 160 yard par 3 hole-in-one. The late February day started out damp and windy. By the 12th hole the sun was out. The shot travelled straight from the tee dead to the pin with ideal trajectory. One small hop and it was in the cup. This is my second hole-in-one in 16 months on different courses. Both were quite a thrill.

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