Rogers Hole in One

By: Roger G
Posted: February 2, 2013

Just getting over really bad lung infection. Posted distance was 203 and I arrived at the tee with the wrong club. I was about to simply skip this hole and go in at the turn, when my playing partners told me to just go get the correct stick and play it. So, went back to the bag and grabbed my 6 iron. Hit it effortlessly and pure. zero expectations. We all new it was going to be good, but; we didn't see it go in. When I got to the green I didn't see my ball. Bill said it's either long or in the hole why don't you check long, which I did. It wasn't anywhere to be found, as he found it in the bottom of the cup!

Instead of stopping at the turn, I now had to drag my relatively sick self around for the full 18. I truly surreal day.


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