Playing with my buddies, Bipin and Doug, we reached the 7th Hole at The Golf Club of California with bright sunshine beaming down on us. I had been having an uninspiring few holes in a row but we all know you never know what will happen on your next shot. Teeing up my ProV1 on the 140 yd par three, I hit a perfect 8 iron high in the sky. It looked good all the way, but not one us could see where it landed. I was afraid it had rolled out into the sand trap that lays in the center of the green. Doug was the one that walked to the pin, I was on my way to the sand trap when he exclaimed "your ball is in the HOLE, you just got a hole in one." Unbelievably great feeling. Just a great thrill. I immediately called my brother John with the news. He is my constant and favorite playing partner, but he was at home in upstate New York shoveling the newly fallen snow. Next year, maybe he will come west with me.