Lerg Up

By: Kevin G
Posted: April 15, 2013

I was praticing on Sunday when 3 friends headed out for a round. I tagged along and was having nothing more than an average round until we got to 13. One of the players is new to the club and I rememember saying this is a challenging little, uphill par 3. Selected a 6 iron and it was all over the flag right off the tee. We couldn't see the cup but one bounce and it seemed to disappear. When we reached the greeen there was no ball in sight, but inside the cup was a Pro V1 with my red line on it.
This finally allows me to get a leg up on my wife as we both were tied with 3 hole in ones. Without even looking I can assure you she is on the practise range right now. Thanks Titleist for helping make this possible.
Kevin Ganey

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