It was a beautiful day in Kingsport, TN. A little windy and partly sunny and temperature was about 68 degrees. I was playing fairly well, had two birdies on 1 and 3 with a bogey on two. I had just finished with a bogey on seven had a snickers bar from the concessions golf cart and came up to 8 tee box gaged the wind and chose the 9 iron. I hit it a little thin so the trajectory was lower than I wanted and it had a little cut coming into the green. It landed soft with a forward role and tracked right to the pin. My golf partner said "It's going in!" But it did not appear to be so, I could still see it. He said it hit the pin I thought it might have bounced back out of the hole. We got in the cart and I said maybe it is caught between the pin and the lip of the cup cause we could still see the ball. We drove to the hole and lost sight of the green for a moment and when the green and pin came into view the ball was gone. Scooter said it is in the hole and we began celebrating. We walked on the green I looked in the hole and there it was. What a day my first HOLE IN ONE since I started playing 16 years ago.