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A Great Day

It was the first day of our annual Ladies Home Tournament. I had had a hole-in-one during this event three years ago. I was playing with the same foursome. It is the toughest...

4 down with 4 to play

Playing in my clubs annual Ryder cup style match play event with another local club. My partner had his competitor beat the whole round, easy points for the team. I had my...

Grandpa and I

I am Ashley Choi, Glenbrook North High School junior. Grandpa and I did hole-in-one on the same day. Grandpa did it in the morning and I did it in the afternoon. I will follow...

3 times

79, 93, and 2007 All three with Titleist balls Came within 2 inches a month ago for number 4! Love the way the Pro V plays

Unforgettable Hole in One

3 members of my golf crew and I routinely play our coastal town's short, yet challenging, city course, Indian Hills Golf Course ("The Hills"). The Hills, which...

Beat the Bobcat

I was playing in a Mother of Mercy High School charity event. On 2 of the par 3's, you competed against a member of the golf team. The golf team member hit first and stuck...

Rocky Mountain High

Got my first hole in one on 7/22 at Colorado Golf Club. I was playing in a par three tournament and hit it with three good friends on the tee box.

The long roll

August 6, 2017- Hole 6, Berkshire Valley Golf Course, NJ. 92 yards with a 9 iron. Took a long roll to the hole.

Hole In One On 57th Birthday

While visiting in laws in Pittsburgh, got the chance to play Chartiers Country Club. Made a hole in one on the 187 yard 7th hole. Plus it was my birthday. Golf Gods shined...

Dave's Hole in One

On 7/31/17 after 36 years of play, I had my first hole in one. I have a 20 handicap which is eight strokes better than when I retired and now have more time for golf. I moved...

Grayson's Hole In-One

I was trying out for the 8th grade golf team knowing I needed to make a splash on the last day of qualifying. Took out my PW knowing I had put a great swing on the ball, it...

Copeland Hole in One

It was Thursday August 3rd at Maplelanes Golf Course in Warren MI. I was playing 18 holes with my buddy Scott that was in from AZ. We were on the 5th hole which is a par 3 130...

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