All Water

By: Michael E
Posted: July 11, 2013

Its all water carry. Front pin placement (sucker pin) in between clubs. Smooth and smoked it. Four yards in front of hole...checked into hole. First of I hope many. I have been playing for 36 years. Came close, but this time it went in. I still sneaked up on the hole and peaked in. My number 7 label showing. My logo was not visible, but I was the only one playing the #7 and the others were either taking the easy way out or off the green. A buddy has had three hole in ones on the other par threes, but has not hit this one. Hardest par 3. Won $200+ in pro shop and an additional bar tab (luv hole in 1 club). Won $100 from the group. Gotta luv it!

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