August 15, 2013 at Riverbend Golf Course in Utah.I couldn't see the hole (#17) or bottom of the flagstick because a bush blocked the view on the left side of the green. I knew I should have a short putt by the way the ball landed near center and rolled toward the back left of the green.
When I arrived at the green my ball was nowhere to be seen. I wondered "Really, is it possible...?"
I walked around the back and left side of the green hoping not to find it. I slowly walked up to the cup and got close enough to think that if it was in there I would see it by now. An instant later I saw it - IN THE BOTTOM OF THE HOLE!
What an experience. This Titleist ball was marked with my lucky number 21 representing my granddaughter Spencer's 21st chromosome. So its Titleist and #21 from now on, always.