Hole-in-one stories

Did not see it

I was hitting into the sun on a 127 yard par 3 with 3 friends. The shot felt good but could not see it because of the sun. Went to see where my ball was and could not find it. Went back to the tee box to re-hit and a friend yelled he found it so I went back to the green and they found it all right, it was in the hole for a hole in one

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My First Hole in One - 831

Every year for the past 20 years or so my golf buddies go to Myrtle Beach S.C.. There is usually 12 to 16 of us that go. We play many different courses each year and sometimes we play the same course each year. This year we went back to the Legends. At the Legends we played the Heathland course. On the 12th.hole that was playing 145yrds. I got my hole in one. I could not see the ball go in the hole due to the pin placement, but part of my group was watching and started yelling that it was going in and it did. I saved the hole in one ball which was a Titleist Pro V1 which is and always has been my favorite. Thanks Titleist

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My First Hole In One - 95055

After 40 years of playing golf, I got my first Hole In One on September 23, 2013 on a Par 3 (125 yards) at Lyman Orchards Golf Course (Player Course) using an 8 iron and a Titelist Pro V1 Golf Ball, my favorite golf ball. The ball rolled against the pin and was visible for a few moments, then dropped in the hole. What a thrill! My new moniker is Acemaker!

Lincoln Champagne

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Birthday Holes in One

I recently got two holes-in-one within two weeks and I am still very excited about it!  I've been playing this challenging, frustrating, addictive, and enjoyable game of golf (called that because all other four letter words were already taken) for almost 20 years now.  I'm a 17 handicapper still aspiring to break 80, but I love the game and usually play three times a week now that I am retired.  I got the first hole-in-one of my life on October 12, 2013 (my 63rd birthday!).  I am a member of The Club at Sonterra and was playing in an MGA tournament with a field of about 80 called the El Diablo - 4 man teams, 6 holes best ball, 6 holes scramble, and 6 holes shamble.  Get it?  El Diablo - 666.  Anyway, it was shotgun start and my blind draw team, Gary White, Bob Serna, Joe La Porte and I were playing our final hole on number 10 on the Sonterra North course.  It is a 150 yard par 3 surrounded by water on three sides.  I teed off first in our team using an old La Jolla Knife 7 wood.  Because I'm not a long ball hitter, I take a lot of kidding because I frequently use woods on par 3's.  I hit a high, straight shot that took one bounce, checked up and slowly rolled into the hole.  I was ecstatic and am sure I looked like a total idiot - screaming, dancing, fist pumping, chest bumping and probably even drooling.  My team had been playing decently so with my hole-in-one we handily won the tournament.  

Once I got home I couldn't wait to tell my wife the good news, and then everyone in my family (including 3rd cousins twice removed) all my facebook friends, everyone in my email contact list, the mailman, the garbage collector, you get the picture.  My wife was very excited and excited for me until about the 27th time that I asked her "Guess what?....."  Later that evening, I guess after the adrenaline wore off, I realized that I had a sharp pain in my left rib cage.  Must have been the post hole-in-one chest bump!  Who knew that golf could be a contact sport?

I play with a group that varies from 4 to 12 players 3 times a week at Sonterra.  Less that two weeks after my first hole-in-one, on October 25, 2013 (my mothers birthday!) I was playing the South course at Sonterra with Brad Horky, John Robers and Joe Mitchell.  Number 15 is a 140 yard par 3.  I pulled out my 7 wood and approached the tee box to watch Joe hit a great shot to within about 2 feet.  We play closest to the pin skins on the par 3's, so he was already counting his money.  Still in trash talking mode from my hole-in-one, I tell the guys I had better club down to my 9 wood (yes, a 9 wood and I also have an 11 wood) so I can make another hole-in-one!   The green slopes to the right and I hit a shot that I thought was too far left, but sure enough it bounced left and rolled left toward the pin. It rolled past Joe's ball and then disappeared.  I thought it might be close, but due to the contour of the green we couldn't see the cup from the tee box.  We got to the green and could see only one ball close to the pin.  My first thought was "oh no - it rolled off the green".  My second thought was "you gotta be kidding me!"  Yes, I walk to the cup and there is my ball nestled snuggly at the bottom between the pin and the side of the cup!  After a resounding chorus of "Sandbagger" from the guys I proceeded to par the final 3 holes of the round winning another skin to make a total of 5 for the day.

My advice to the aspiring golfer yet to have a hole-in-one - just remember, even a blind hog can find an acorn once in a while!

Lowery Harper
San Antonio, Texas

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I now have one ace left-handed and one right-handed.

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