Hole-in-one stories

Florida Hole in One

Recorded my second hole in one during a golf vacation in Florida.What a feeling to see the Titliest Pro V1x roll into the hole.This memory will last a lifetime.Thanks Titliest for helping to make this memory.

David Spessard
10528 Susquehanna Avenue
Waynesboro,Pa. 17268-8418

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You never forget your first

I play every Saturday with 2 of my friends and this day my nephew had joined us to make the foursome. We always comment that with as many rounds as we play one of us would eventually make a hole in one and luckily I was the one. Hole 3 at Royal Vista Golf Club in Walnut CA is long par three with a wickedly sloped green. We were playing from the back tees and the flag was in the back, so it was playing 193 yards. I hit a nice fade onto the green and watched as it tracked toward the flag. Because of the slope in the green we did not see it go into the cup, but assumed it would be close. It wasn't until I walked onto the green that I saw (or maybe what I didn't see - the ball) what had happened. I feel so fortunate that I was able to share the moment with my nephew Cody, who I introduced to the game almost 20 years ago.

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Had my third with 4 friends there who enjoyed to see it.

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My First - Myrtle Beach

A perfect February Saturday morning in Myrtle Beach, SC clear blue skies, light wind and about 55 degrees, just the weather we expected. The 6th hole yardage is 135 to the middle of the green but today the pin was up 9.5 yards. Considering a light wind at my back I chose my pitching wedge and hit it on the nose and we all watched as the ball landed in front of the pin and gently rolled a few feet until the ball disappeared. "Did that go in?" someone asked, and when we got to the green sure enough it had. Well my opponent made his birdie putt and lost the hole. All the players in the group signed the ball and it will soon be mounted with the scorecard. The best part of the story is that my son had given me a box Titleist Pro V 1 golf balls for Christmas and it was one of the balls that I used for the hole in 1. Priceless

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unexplainable euphoria

Playing with my usual foursome on a Tuesday afternoon I can not describe the feeling I got when my buddies and I watched the ball fly over 125 yards of water, hit the green, roll out and disappear. The celebration on the tee box was one of the top moments of my life and I will never forget it. Thank you titleist for making such a great product!

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