I've lipped them, watched others hit'em, and knocked down my fair share of flag sticks for 23 years. Always a bridesmaid! I couldn't have dreamed mine up any better though. My gaggle was playing our normal money game which can get pricey depending on the game and how much the points are pressed. So you gotta play. But I get up on the 4th hole - pin was cut left center 178 yds with about 10mph head wind. Pins in a terrible spot, your only option is to leave it below the hole. I take a 5 iron and flush it. It's in the air and my partners like that looks good. I say go in! Of course just trying to get in our opponents head a little I guess? Realistically wasn't even thinking it just said it. It lands 3' and it disappears. I didn't run around and go crazy. Instead I was trying to convince myself it was hiding behind the pin. Based off my previous attempts and luck. We get up there though and it's in. I'm ecstatic. But we're in a game and I'm thinking crap I have to play 14 more holes!

But catching it crisp, calling it in the air, and being able to watch my first one go in was perfect and I wouldn't trade it.

P.S. Took a Bogey The Next Hole....lol