I have been lucky enough that I have had 18 holes in one. Each has been very special but one of the best I have ever witnessed was my Grandson's first. We were playing with 2 friends of mine when Nate hit a pure shot heading right for the flag. All of us thought the ball went into the hole but in a stroke of genius by 3 old guys we pretended that we had not seen what happened. Nate was beside himself with joy and was telling us that it went in the hole but we took a large amount of time hitting our shots, backing off and resetting and just generally messing around to delay him confirming it. Finally, we finished and slowly started walking toward the hole but Nate could not wait and absolutely sprinted the 148 yards at full tilt. By this time we were laughing so hard so that when we finally got to the hole he realized we had been playing with him and he jumped into my arms and hugged me and slapped high fives to the other guys. It really was one of the best and most joyful things I've ever done with one of my best friends and he and I still laugh about my little joke on him. Thanks, Nate.