William Red Gilbert

By: william g
Posted: February 22, 2014

Took my 3 sons to Eagle Haven Golf Course on Saturday 22 Feb 2014. It was my middle son's Eric's birthday. All 3 boys were beating me pretty badly. My oldest son Ryan had just eagled the 14th par 4 fom 89 yards out. Myself and Eric were now down 2 on a 2.00 Nassau (Ryan and my youngest Tyler were teamed up). Dad goes to the white tees on number 15 a 153 yard par 3 island green, stripes a 6 iron into the wind and BAM! hits 3 yards from the flag and looks like it rolls up close. When we got to the green, the ball was trapped between the sick and the hole, half the ball under the plane of the lip. Pull flag....Dad and Eric down 1 on the bet up 1 on the press. Hitting a Velocity # 22. Not a great round scoring, but a great experience for the boys seeing the "old man" ace no. 15!

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well done old man! Congrats!