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Thanks again Titleist

Number 8 at Ocean Creek Golf Course on Fripp Island, SC. A 120 yard shot with an 8 iron - one hop and in with. Pro V1. My third all with Titleist. Another great memory

Sun City Celebration

Only took about 40 years of golf, but today I got my first hole in one. I was playing a ProV1 and it was on the Sun City South golf course, 136 yards with a 7 iron. Two...


Collindale Golf course #11 Fort Collins Co. 166 yards. 8 Iron 5/18/2016

Amazing feeling!

#4 at Swanson Meadows in Billerica, MA. Blind par 3 (uphill could only see the top of the pin. Normally playing 164 the tees were up about 130 yard soft 9 iron. The flight...

Mike Harrington

Got my third hole in one at the Tidewater Golf Course in North Myrtle Beach on May 16th. It was the 3rd hole a par three 146 yards. My Son Scott Harrington, Victor Furr and...

First hole one.

My name is Scott Mecham and I have been playing for 27 year and play to a 12.1 handicap. I have finally got my first hole in one while playing Green Oaks golf course in...

The shadows played mind tricks

I hit a PW on the 17th at BC Golf Course in Green Bay during our league at work, downhill over the water and 158 yards out. Ugly hook on it, never thought it would hit the...

Audubon Park New Orleans

152 yards, no wind. Hit a flush 8 iron that had some side spin because it took an immediate left after on impact, rolled 3-4 feet and fell in. Pure Joy, club throwing and...

3rd one is a charm

Came to the 4th Hole @ Madison Golf Course with the 2 player scramble match play match all even. My playing partner lasered the hole @ 167 yds. Since there was a slight breeze...

Practicing with my daughter

Practicing with my daughter for her state tournament at Jade Greens Golf Course, on hole 7 hit pitching wedge from 127 yards took 1 hole spun a little to the right and in the...

Mother's Day Present

While playing golf at the Pohl Cat golf course in Mt. Pleasant, MI, with my wonderful wife on Mother's Day (her idea), I hit a solid PW 149 yards to a tight the pin...

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