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Ace in Rockford, IL

On 9/9/2016 I was staying overnight in Rockford for work and decided to get an afternoon round in. I'm very happy I did!!! Aced the 7th hole at Elliot Golf Course. 196yd 5...

Monkey off the back

First hole-in-one. 53 years old and can finally scratch this off the bucket list. Last in the family to finally get one.

New Course, New Friends

First time playing course with new friends. Pretty course, green had water on left, bunkered in right front. Two bounces into hole.

Tackle Me!

Playing Beat The Pro at my facility and on the 11th hole I made an ace during play with the tournament director and owner of the facility that was hosting the event. To my...

1 on 3!!

My dad had come to visit from Maine for the week and we finally were able to get out and play a round after a year since the last time. I was striking the irons pretty solidly...

Along with a close friend

It was 1984 at a country club invitational well known for competition and folks willing to wager a few pennies on matches. My friend Rus Gardner and I worked together He was a...

power line

It was Turkey Day, Thanksgiving, in Sarasota FL. Par 3, 230 yards with a power line running across the fairway slightly in front of the tee box. Tee'd off with my 3 iron...

First and second hole-one

On Aug 23rd i recorded my first hole-one at age 73. I used my API 7 iron on the 143 yd no. 10 par 3 at the Riceland Golf Course in Orrville Ohio. The next day, Aug. 24, I...


My name is Jeff and I got my first hole in one August 24 2014. It was a 137 par 3 fairly windy day so I had to play the left to right wind with a 3/4 8 iron

First one I have seen!

I have had three other holes in one but this one was the first one that I saw actually saw. The other ones were blind shots. I had my new Titleistniroms for only a month!

Hawaii ace

It was a Friday afternoon with our regular Friday group. There were 12 of us this day. In our foursome we had a two man match going on. The 12 th hole at Hickam Air Force base...

An Ace for Deuce

For several years now, my good friend Stan Evans and his large family has held a golf outing in memory of their late uncle Deuce. Well this year on hole #13 at Eaglewood Golf...

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