first hole in one - 77223

first hole in one - 77223

played sunday april 13th, 2014 with 3 of my friends who I play with 10-20 times per year. we played a course in newton, mass called newton commonwealth. its a typical new england donald ross course. lots of hills, undulating greens, blind shots and bunkers in front of every green. it was cold 45-50 degrees and spitty rainy. i was wearing shorts because it was supposed to be in the 60's. i was playing terrible and complaining to my buddies that i really was not liking the course that day. i was using a titleist pro v 392 that i found in a pond a week earlier. it had a logo on it that said "golden horseshoe golf club". i had no idea where the golden horseshoe was but i liked the logo and decided to use it thinking it might bring me some luck. we get to the 7th hole. it's a downhill 155 yard par 3. the green slopes back to front towards the tee box. there is a small stream in front of the green. there is a bunker on the right front. the pin was red in the front right corner. one of my buddies had made a comment that maybe my ball was not so lucky. i stepped up to the tee, took a good swing and the ball sailed to the left hand side of the green. one of my buddies said you are going to like this. the ball landed on the left middle of the green. it had some left to right movement on it so when it landed it started rolling left to right across the green down towards the pin. it had to travel 25 feet across the green. we all watched it and started saying it has a chance to go in. when it hit the pin we all started yelling, high fivin, laughing and hugging. the 7th hole is in between 2 other tee boxes and a green. the golfers on the other holes heard our ruckus. one guy walked over from the tee box behind our green, looked in the hole and gave us the 2 thumbs up sign. i was in shock and giddy for the rest of the day. on the next hole, a par 5, i chipped in from under a tree from 30 yards out for birdie. my buddies could not believe what just happened. on top of it, it was my wife's birthday! it's a day of golf i will never forget!

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