First Hole In One

First Hole In One

I was playing at Old Fort Golf Course in Murfreesboro, TN with a friend and was not having a good round. I do not play too often being on a college budget, but decided to play and was somewhat regretting the decision by the time I reached the 17th hole. It was a par 3 playing roughly 140 yards. The pin was in the front on the far left side of the green and the hole had a small pond stretching out to the right side of the green. A bunker was tucked in between the edge of the water and the middle of the green, so the hazards were not particularly in play due to the pin location. I took out a pitching wedge because there was a good breeze blowing towards the hole. I put a good swing on it and the ball was headed just left of the pin. The ball hit about a foot above and slightly left of the hole and with some beautiful backspin and a little help from the slope the ball hit the hole and made the most glorious sound in all of golf which the clink of the ball hitting the flagstick as it goes into the hole. The feeling was surreal and I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I just hit a hole-in-one. I will definitely be replaying that moment in my mind for the rest of my life!

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