Hole-in-one stories

First Ace

Hole playing 126 yards. Hit a 9 iron to the green and it rolled right into thee cup, first ace at 63 years old!

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First Hole in One

I have always said that if I ever get an ace, I didn't want it to be a skull or some other ugly shot. Got my wish last week with a pure 9 iron draw to a 153 yard pin on #2 of my home course. This was my first round since sending my son off into the real world. He and I had been playing a lot together over the last couple of years and I was feeling a little blue that my golf buddy was no longer here to play with me. The ace obviously lifted my spirits. After some celebration, my son was the first person that I texted. His reply...."some of have to work". Welcome to the real world!!!!

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Curt Blankenship Hole in One

As we walked to the cup, my brother saw a white ball laying about 15 feet behind the pin, just off the green. My brother said, "there is your ball there". Then my dad reminded him I was hitting a yellow ball. We looked in the cup and sure enough, there it was! Yellow NXT Tour S. Number 3

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My First Ace RBGCC 15

Poked a 5 iron on a 165 yard uphill that I played about 175, hit the front of the green but the ball disappeared because of the low tee box. Pulled my 60 degree and putter out and searched the sand traps as I assumed the ball hit the green and carried over. Turns out she settled in the cup for an ace. Great times followed.

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My First Ace

I was playing with my Dad, Lee F. Snyder, the Head Pro, B G Simmons and my brother, Lee P. Snyder

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