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The Links Golf Course

Highlands Ranch, CO, #7, 160 yards, 5-iron Just a recreational round, out as a single and joined up with a nice group of guys. The swing felt good, but not THAT good -- dang...

Rob's first hole in one!

We were playing a best ball tournament with a shotgun start. We started on the 17th, a 190 yard par 3. On my first swing of the day with my AP1 4-iron, I launched my Pro V1...


June 15 2012, At tumbledown trail in midleton wi. Hole #5 with a 9 iron. My first and only home in one. Golfin with my buddy Mike uphill par 3 over 150 yards. Couldn't see...

Pro V1 comes through again

I was playing golf on 4/30 at Blue Ash Ohio with my brother in law and 2 co workers. round was pretty nondescript until the back nine. Par on 10(par 5) and then faced with a...


I hit a 6 iron 168 yards it rolled about 1 foot. Sweet 13th hole in one.

Hilton Head Trip

On the second day on number eight I hit a hole in one from 155 yards with a flush. My father was playing on a hole next to ours and saw me posing and said quit posing. I...

Ace of 4

After some debate about yardage marked on hole I stepped up and hit a tight draw ball flight and one small hop and rolled into hole.

Did that just happen?

My 14 year old daughter, Kasey, was playing in a tournament at Rock Hill Country Club in South Carolina. She was playing the 6th hole, a downhill 155 yard par 3. Using her six...

DT Solo HOle in one 2nd one!

Playing in another tournament, and everyone always seems surprised that I play the DT Solo. But that doesn't stop me, send hole in one with this type of ball, and its...

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