Hole-in-one stories

A Tournament to Remember

By: suem8

It was the second day of our annual Ladies Home Tournament at our country club in Wisconsin. I was playing with my three best friends at the club, Terri, Sheli, and Shelly. I had just witnessed Terri's hole-in-one on July 8th in a doubles match in which we were partners, so, the hole-in-one fever had not subsided.

We were now on the third of four par threes, a 110 yard downhill shot. A woman had not had a hole in one on this hole in two years. We chatted about how someone was due.

I used a Titleist NXT Tour S ball that I had played with all day. (That is an accomplishment for me.) Sheli had said she thought it might be a one club wind. I reached for my 5 hybrid. Terri said she was playing her usual club. I put the 5 back and took out the 7 hybrid. I teed the ball up and kept my head down. I swung and it felt and sounded good. We watched it head to the right of the green and come back. It hit in front and started to roll toward the pin. It slowed to a trickle and then it dropped in the cup. We screamed and then we cried. Terri and Sheli had had hole-in-ones before, but this was the first time any of the girls had witnessed someone else getting a hole-in-one. A month to the day since I had witnessed Terri's. It was a very special day to have shared it with such special friends.

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Bad Week Good Day

My best buddy, Lacey who was a female Choc. Lab Retriever at 11 1/2 years had to be put down on Thursday, Aug 28 and 3 days later, today I get my first hole in one. There is no doubt my Lacy girl guided that ball into the hole. Used pro v1 on 165 yd hole number 13 at Woodmont Golf Course in canton ,Ga. Great feeling because I was playing with great friends.

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Wish I would have seen it

I hit my first hole in one at the Brookings Country club today. 155 yard par three into the wind AND morning sun. My mates and I heard the ball on the green and then the clank of the pin. It wasn't until I looked in the hole that I believed it was in. Great times! Glad my Brother and close friend were there to witness it!!!

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My first hole in one

I had my first hole in one yesterday! It was on the first hole at Napa Valley Country Club which is a 130 yard par 3, downhill. I hit a pitching wedge a couple of feet past the hole and it spun back into the cup. I had pulled out a brand new Titleist NXT Tour S which was immediately retired. It was a great way to start a round of golf and a three day weekend.

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My Third Hole in One

Playing in the first day of a long running local tournament called "The Gold Rush" with three of my good friends, #9 was playing 141 yards into a little wind that day. I pulled out 8 iron, struck it well, and it landed about 8 feet behind the hole, backed up, and disappeared. It was awesome. The 1 was for a 33 on the front side. We may or may not have had many, many drinks on the back side leading to a 33-42 75.

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