Hole-in-one stories

My first hole in one

By: ednap1

I have been playing golf for thirty years and have never had a hole in one or even been playing with anyone who has had one, but today I had the thrill of having one myself. I hit a nine iron over the river on the number four hole at Riverside Golf Course at Clinton, Oklahoma. The ball landed on the green and disappeared. My playing partner said that it went in but I was afraid it was in the back side; however when we drove across there was no ball until I looked in the hole. Wonderful feeling. I was playing with a Titleist pro V1x. Great day for golf.

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My First

Been playing golf now for 44 years and this was my first....the irony is my 28 year old Son n' law texted me two days earlier and told me he had a made a hole n' one which was his first as well. One observation....your score goes down when you are able to put a "1" on the card!!!!

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First Ace

By: lesh3

The 8th hole pin placement was in the front center of the green. Using my pitching wedge, I took a good solid swing...it bounced once on the front fringe, then the next hop disappeared in the hole! An unbelievable feeling!

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After 44 Years

After playing golf from a young age I finally made my first hole in one. However, there was only one problem. The green is elevated above the tee box and I didn't get to witness the ball going in the hole!!!

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My Second ACE

Got my second ace yesterday morning on Summer Grove Golf Club's hole #4 in Newnan, Ga. I was using a #8 Titlest Pro VI.
My first was on March 12, 2006 on Heron Bay #12 in McDonough, Ga. I was using a #1 Titlest Pro VI ball then.

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