Hole-in-one stories

First Hole In One

Played the Wigwam Gold Course in Litchfield Park, AZ yesterday with 3 friends. Hole number 16 was 144 yards. Using a Titleist DT Solo, I hit a sweet PW that landed about 6 ft in front of the hole. It bounced once rolled about a foot and dropped in. My buddies and I were so excited that we stopped the round and went right in to the bar and had a cocktail!

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My second hole in one

Playing on Sunday, 11/23/14 at McCann golf course in Poughkeepsie NY. 15th is 108yd par 3 and using my 8 iron hit the green six inched from the hole, one bounce and in the hole.
Nice early birthday present for my 70th and was playing with my golf buddies of over 20 years.

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extraordinary luck

I had 2 holes in one in consecutive weeks at the same hole using the same Pro v 1 !!

Pity Titleist only send momentos to US Residents

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My Second Hole in One

Playing on November 21st with my normal group at Pinetree CC in Kennesaw, GA. Hole # 8 is an uphill par 3 this day playing about 145 yards. My 3 partners hit and all came up short. I clipped 7 (AP1) iron well and we all thought it was deep or in the back bunker. When we arrived at the green a noted a ball mark very near the pin so instinctively headed toward the hole. My ProV1 ball was at the bottom of the cup. You hear so many stories about players not even having 1 Hole in One so I feel pretty special that I now have 2.

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My first one

Is Was on the employee turnament ,the company do one a year ,and I use my 3 wood ,3/4 of turn slow swing ,it landed before of the green and star rolling to right and I saw the ball wen it wen in my friends and I star jumping ,it was a great feeling

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