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My First Ace 0

This was my first Ace. It was a a cold windy day at a local golf course where me and my friend went to just the mess around. I'm 20 years old and have been playing golf...

First hole out

When my swing coach and I approached to my ball on the 9th hole, I made a bad swing and my ball went in the water.He then tossed me a pro v1(the ball that I use now) and told...

My Hole in One

I received a box of Prov1's for Christmas....Tuesday the 18th of Jan I played with my golf group and got a hole in one ont the 13th hole.....what a day. Pat

Hole in One on a special day

I was casually playing at the Forty Niner Country Club in Tucson, Arizona on January 11,2011. I had been playing a very good round from the back tees and when I was on hole...

Xmas Present Ace

Christmas day 2010, 17th hole, Omanu, Mt Maunganui. It was my first day using my new Titleist DCI irons. What a Christmas present.. I never thought this day would come. MY...

Breaking Par for the First Time

I was excited to receive a sleeve of Titleist "Test" golf balls to try out and provide feedback. I diligently played rounds and hit shots to compare and report the...


Today 11/27/10 is my 11th anniversary married to my wonderful husband Mr. Wright... Jeffrey Wright. But last year for our 10th anniversary I made my first hole-in-one. We...

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