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We want to hear your feedback on Team Titleist. We're interested in learning more about the type of content and features you would like to see as we continue to enhance the Team Titleist experience. Click on the link below to launch the survey.

Remember, the more you participate the better your chances are at opening the doors to exclusive Team Titleist rewards including the opportunity to participate in product testing panels.

Sorry, this survey is no longer active. Check back soon for a new survey. 

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39 Replies

  1. Drew W

    Sorry I was late to imput survey. I did not realize that I had to log in. I thought you were going to send a follow up email. I did like the prototype 1 balls

  2. Lonnie C

    The ball is very good i like it not as much spine good approace shot chip one in from 30 yards off the green.

  3. Dan W

    ball is great trying to get web site fors3prototype1 ball

  4. Ivan D

    The sleeve of golf balls I received last week were tested and the followong results

    were found versus my standard ProV1:

    Shorter distance

    Around the greens I preferred my ProV1

    The ProVi1 spins more than the prototype

    The ProV1 spins less of the tee

    I could control the ProV1 better on 8-7 iron 150 yard shots

    The ProV1 was longer by about 7 yards with irons, hybrids and fairway woods.

    The ProVi was longer by about 8 yards.

    I prefer the ProV1

    Ivan Dimcheff

  5. Bill W

    Got Titleist prototype golf balls in mail and tried to fill out survey they wanted, but couldn't get on what they gave me?

  6. Art M

    Just finished testing sleeve of R & D golf balls and am unable to access the survey  website to provide feedback. Please advise?

  7. Bob s

    tried to take survey at //

    no site    can you help

  8. Tim M

    tried to get on to give my survey information.    Would not take the address, I am registered w/password.  No luck.

  9. Michael K

    Titleist needs to CLEAN UP it's website. I find extremely OLD surveys, contest, etc. any time I log on to Team Titleist. Some go back as far as 2010. There are times I think I am giving you people some information, then find out the "DEAL" has been closed or is no longer active.

    Is it not possible to clean up this out of date stuff to within last (6) months or so?

    Frustrated team member!!!

  10. Thomas W

    Got to play 6 rounds in orlando golf outing The nxt tour s yellow ball was the ticket great all around performance the white tour s also did well the nxt tours felt the same to me as the regular nxt tours I would recomened the tour s yellow to everyone.

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