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Posted: September 8, 2010

We've been making some changes to Titleist.com and we want to hear what you think of the updates so far. Click on the link below to launch a quick survey and we look forward to hearing your feedback.



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Ken M

I recently sent in a survey about a test ball I tried.  I played with the test  balls a few times after I sent the survey in and  the more I played them the better I liked them.

I was wandering what other golfer thought of the test ball.  Will I get to see the results?

Ken McLain

John A.

I wish i had another sleeve of Prototype Ball TEST;

The Prototype is a hybrid between the Pro V1 & Pro V1x.  Over all for me it has an average of 5 yds more than the V1 & 5 yds less than the V1x.  The Prototype putts truer than both the Pro V1 & Pro V1x hands down.  The Proto has the soft feel of the V1 off the putter but the roll of the V1x.  The chips & pitches were very easy to control. With the Prototype my fairway 3w, 5w & 21deg Hybrid were in definite control with a slight draw that i liked & was so easy to control.  With the V1 there was to much spin (hook) & the V1x was less spin going right (fade).  This Prototype is the best all around ball that I have played.  It added 5-10 yds off tee, an average of 5yds off my irons & it spun more on my wedges making the ball go higher & landing softer with no loss of distance.

All of the pro's @ Hudson, Leewood & @ Whippoorwill were salivating for the Test ball. I gave each of them the ball after my use & asked them to give me their feed back. One of the Playing Pro's Dell Ponchock @ Hudson waited for me on the 18th tee Box & asked if he could hit it. He did & WOW did he send it into orbit. He liked the way it felt off the driver. Bottom line, seriously, is that it reacts like an V1x has the softness of the V1. Thin Bladed shots still got there, no loss of distance, the hooks & fades were not as severe they "Held their Plane".  The shot dispersion was tighter with the Prototype. I was swinging well & I took that into consideration but every once in a while after the 4 rounds of playing with the Prototype some of those old, bad & sneaky habits did show up & I know that the other balls would have not performed as well.

Craig E

Hello, I have a playing partner who joined the team titleist website and has received a couple dozen Pro V1's and golf towels, and I was wondering how you determine or pick those who receive them?  

Ron R

I am well satisfied and appreciate your efforts.

Ronnie W

I love the Pro v1x ball.

Gordon W

I recieved the sleeve of the protype balls. Ihave not yet had the opportunity to test these

balls as directed,  I am entering the hospital tomorrow for a complete knee replacement.

When I have compleste my rehab, I will be happy to test the protype according to your


I hope this will be satisactory

Gordon Whitfield

earl t

I play the AP1 and i love them the best that i have ever played




Thanks for the updates. I really enjoy seeing new product information.

H.F. M

I played the test balls and was very pleased.  I felt they gave me about 5 yards more from the Tee shot vs. my Pro V1. On iron shots there was more height with about the same distance as with my Prov1. There was a better softer feel than the Prov1. There wasn't  much difference in spin action due to the extra height.


     H.F. May