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In our latest Team Titleist survey we're looking to get your thoughts and opinions on one of our favorite topics - golf balls.

This quick survey will help us better understand your thoughts and opinions when it comes to golf ball technology, performance and quality.

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23 Replies

  1. Branson L

    Sorry just got golf balls last week. was out of town for month. Please keep me on the test list. I enjoy doing these things and sorry I missed the survey deadline.

  2. Robert G

    The new test titleist is a superior ball to the pro v 1. 10-15 yards more distance, with the soft feel of the Pro V 1. Just a super golf ball.

    A friend of mine who plays the Bridegestone played a round with me and really liked the new test Titlesit. He was not a Pro V 1 player but really like this Test ball.

    Can you make the ball any better? I doubt it.

  3. Nelson L

    who do I get on the ball demo program?

  4. John A

    Would like to see more Ball test opportunities. Thanks

  5. Larry F

    Just wanted to say thank you for the 2 NXT 2 packs.

    I tried the NXT-S first and was very impressed. Nice feel, good distance and reaction around the greens.  Thought I had found the ball of my dreams.

    Then I tested the NXT.  Confusion!  I really couldn't tell them apart. I put them in a bag and pulled them at random (with the logos blocked) and played them from various situations. I just can't tell the difference.

    I will continue to play the ball as I love the feel and its reraction on short shots. Which one? whatever looks best that day!

  6. Ron S

    I 'm 48yrs old with an 8 handicap and love your NXT Tour ball. I would love to see it in the High Optic Yellow. I did play the NXT Tour S in yellow. Really liked it but, the NXT Tour works better for me. Please consider the High Optic Yellow for the NXT Tour!!! It's always easy to see and find!


  7. Ann J

    I received golfballs in the mail a few months ago, 2 NXT Tour and 2 NXT Tour S. All of them play very nice, but I really liked the NXT Tour S and especially liked the yellow color. They hit very well from the tee box and on the fairway, but I really liked them on the green. They putt and roll so smoothly. I will definitly buy more of these balls. Thank you for sending them to try out.

  8. Bill H

    I appreciate the opportunity to test the NXT Tour  & TourS your provided me. I found the balls to be superior to the older version. The TourS model is definitely has a softer feel,but the Tour model seemed to be longer both off the tee and with the irons. However, both models seem to be suited well for my perlonal game.  Addditionally, I had an opportunity to try the new Velocity, and found it to be longer and perhaps straighter the the NXT. Again, thanks for the chance to try your new models, and I look forward to using them in the future.


  9. Joseph B

    NXT TourS was great.  Superb feel, I was able to hit the ball high on approach

    shot sand keep it on the green.  Nxt Tour S is my new ball.

  10. joseph s


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