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9 Replies

  1. Carl G

    Hello! I have my test golf balls, but we have had cold, rain and snow here in my area for the past week!!!!  The courses have closed in this area and so I will try these out at a practice range.

  2. Michael P

    As usual, truly impressive! They work well for us older guys too!

  3. Bryan K

    Hit the 718 AP2 and AP 3 irons last week and really liked the feel of both. Leaning toward the AP3's ,but going back this week to hit them again and make a decision. Will be replacing my 990's with either of those. Loved my 990's as that is why I haven't replaced them before now, but the new AP's will be a great replacement. Great job Titleist.

  4. Scott L

    Just went through a fitting at Oceanside and can't wait to get my new AP3's in the bag.  Placed the order just hours after the fitting....they are that impressive

  5. BigDon

    Go Titleist

  6. Bob K

    I have been playing with my AP3 clubs for a month. Everyone can’t believe the distance and particularly the height I get with the new irons. Next is a fitting for a Titleist driver and hybrid.

    Thx Titleist

  7. Terry V

    The desert southwest is the place I'd love to play this time of year! !

  8. Steve S

    Great video, Rick V. Titleist is really that good. I felt the same way when I was fitted for my AP1s.

    Play Well,

    Steve S.

  9. Terry L

    Plan on going for a fitting later this year. My 714CB's are worn out, at least that's what I telling my wife. Interested in the AP3.