How do your mark your Titleist?

I color in the  dimples that surround the numbers.....and this year I have switched from ProV1 to ProV1X .....

I draw a thick black line through the logo leaving just enough to tell whether or not it's a Titleist or a bstone. Whichever ball I start with the other brand is my provisional in pocket.

Four dots around the Titleist and the ball number on my Pro V1 Xs. Great ball!!!!!

I usually always order all number 1's with my name on the side and I mark it with a green, black or red line thru the side stamp. 

Mitch D

I used to mark my Pro V1x with a smiley face.  One eye per 2 dimples and smile at the bottom of the dimple underneath them.

The last couple of years though I've had a Canadian Flag logo'd on my ball and use only #7's!  Try to keep the 7's on the golf ball and off the score card! ; )

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

...and how is that working for you? : )

Hey Mitch...

I don't do the full Canadian Flag, but I do use a red Maple Leaf which to me has a similar meaning.

Here are two ProV's. One new one ready to go, and one that has seen 18 holes already...


1 blue dot above Titleist and to the right side of it and 1 blue dot below and to the left of the #. Then a red sight line on the pro V1x extending on both sides of the logo to cover about half the circumference of the ball.

I like to mark my Titleist ball with two orange dots at the end of Titleist and I like to play the higher numbers,because know one else like them.

What I do is underline the titleist on my prov's in black :D