Merry Christmas Test Balls

Wish I received some balls! That would be awesome. Still Titleist is the best golf company out there!!

I received mine yesterday, Thanks Team Titleist

A big ditto from me, I was very pleased to add these new proV's to the other Titleist items under the tree.  I will follow up in the next couple of weeks after I put these new balls through their paces with my new 913 woods and driver.

Thanks again Titleist!


Got a box as well. A big thanks to all the staff at Team Titleist!


I will be giving these a rip in Phoenix at the end or January.


Cheers and happy holidays!

I received a plain white box containing 2 sleeves of Prov1x  and  2 sleeves of Prov1 balls this evening.  They were delivered by UPS just after supper. What a pleasant surprise.  

Thank you very much to Mitch and Team Titleist for allowing me to take part in the ProV proto type ball test and then receive these special gifts.  I have always enjoyed playing Titleist balls and clubs.  Today's delivery certainly was unexpected but much appreciated.

Happy New Year to all... Team Titleist you are a great bunch of people.


Kris B

Hey Team Titliest,


Thanks a lot for the little white package!! Looked great under my christmas tree!  Thanks for every thing you guys do!



Came back from being away over the holidays to find one more Christmas present waiting for me at the front door...a package from Titleist containing a dozen balls, 6 ProV1x and 6 ProV1's.  Can't wait to test them out.

Many thanks to Mitch and the gang at Titleist Canada!



Thank you to Team Titleist for the dozen new pro v's. After the usual socks and ties, santa came through with a great surpise!

Best wishes to Team Titleist and all its members for a great year of golf ahead.


Randy W.