Test Prov1s

Hi Dylan,
Sorry to hear that you were only able to get one round in with the TEST Golf Balls.  Always a challenge with our Canadian climate at this time of year.  It is great to hear that you'll be making it out to Maui in December to play some golf!

As for the survey link, the one on the letter you received is indeed correct.  We have had many others fill out the survey already on Mac and PC's and I just tested the link out myself now.  Perhaps you can attempt the survey on a different computer when/if that is available.  

Thank you for you comment and your participation in the TEST Panel.  We look forward to hearing from you again on Team Titleist.

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

Why does everyone keep calling these balls the new Pro V 1, I play Pro V 1's, in fact this summer I switched back to them after a long run with the ProV1x, and this test ball, (with black #'s) is not a ProV1, in fact if I were to geuss it is a cross between an NXT Tour and a ProV1x.  I play year round and have had a considerable amount of time with this ball, it is straight with the tee shot, and approach, but not near as soft, nor does it come close to the spin with the Vokey's. 

I would recommend it to a 15 or higher handicap that is using a putter with an insert on the face.  For me, I miss the feel on the short game, but I could definitely get used to it's durability.

Hi Mitch

I realize that this may be a bit late however - I was one of the lucky ones to get a sleeve of the new prototypes.  Unfortunately they arrived the day before I went in for knee surgery.!%#!   Now that I am home and back on line I have been reading some of the comments with great interest.  As I am out of action until January, by which time I may be knee deep in snow, I am prepared to send my sleeve out to someone who wants to try them out and still has some season left.  Otherwise I will give them a good workout in the spring even though I suspect that will be toooo late for your testing purposes. 

Sincere thanks for including me in the testing program and for providing what I think are the best products in golf!!


Mike M

I was sent a sleeve to test I am in Etobicoke Ont

Thank you Mitch and Team Titleist for including me in the testing program I received my three balls in mid Oct but weather and schedule have conspired against me and I haven't had the chance to play but i am getting out this weekend  so when I went to get the balls and letter to head out to the course all I could find was the balls ...why?..... I lost the letter or so my wife claims......But.she threw it out!... Really..she did....No really.....Really she did throw it out.......and That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I notice in the post something about a survey link could you Email me the link so I can still participate in the testing




I finally got to test out the new balls this week. Keeping in mind I am an amateur compared to most of you, I found them them very soft off the tee and seemed to get more overall distance. They were amazing around the green and I felt I could control the ball better off my wedges. Overall they did a lot for my confidence as I had more 'feel' for the ball.

I tried to post my results to the link sent with the balls last October but it appears it isn't up anymore. Sorry for the delay but we had an early winter and a late spring and I didn't want to use these until the weather warmed up.

If these are the new ProV1 I will be getting more as I was very happy with them. Thank you.

Sorry for the delay, the weather was very bad to test those balls. I tried them last week and it was a huge difference. They seem to be longer and the feel around the green...wow! The cover look more resistant, then the older version.

Thank you very much, I'm proud to play with Titleist equipment. 

Guy, Granby, Qc

Hi Mitch

Would be nice to compare them with 2010 NXT Tour, I am trying to find a ball as nice on contact as those 2010 NXT's.