913 fairway shafts

Is it possible to order a 913 fairway (shaft only) now and get it before the actual release date of the fairways?

And is the Fujikura Rombax P95 still available as an off menu item?

Thanks alot!!


In regards to the purchase of a 913 fairway shaft only, this is something we can accept a pre-order for.  We would however ship it launch day for an in store date of the first week of February. 

As for your inquiry about the Rombax Pro 95, this is still currently an option in our matrix.

Ryan P - Team Titleist

That's what I figured.

Thank you, kind sir!

Is the Rombax P95 (not pro95) shaft available as an off menu item?

I apologize if i've already ask this.



The shaft is still currently in our matrix and you will still have access to ordering the Rombax Pro 95.

Ryan P - Team Titleist

It's the same as the shaft in the link?  Or is it the zcom pro 95?




It would be the same one as in the link.  As a reminder the shaft is deemed exotic (ordered at once) and would require approximately 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Ryan P - Team Titleist