So Cathi @ titleist.com basically said the 712U is coming to retail in both left and right handed. Will they be coming out around the same time as the 913hd's?  Can we pre order right now if that's the case?  I don't really expect an answer or reply, just thought I would do some more bugging over the 712u. 


Oh my god my prayers have been answered. When and where can I get my hands on this? Please let this be true. I will be following this topic for sure.


I sure hope it's a spring and not summer release. 

Is there any updates on this? I'd like to get this in my bag ASAP.

Cheers Shawn

We are still in the tour validation process. This process ensures that if we do bring this product to market that it is optimized to perform the way we intend it to for the players who seek to add it to their bags.  If we do bring it to market, it likely won't be until later spring or summer.  However, that is still not a guarantee. 

Unfortunately that is all the info we have right now! :)

As soon as we have more info we'll share it with you right away!

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

I got a reply on team titleist.com saying mid May release and that you can pre order right now. I went to copy the link but its not there anymore. 


What was the price point for this? Have they mentioned anything in regards to that? Also how did you get your hands on one early. If only I could get access to clubs ahead of time. I'm probably the craziest Titleist fanatic. I even have a tattoo of Team Titleist lol.

Cheers Shawn

Haha and I thought I was a hardcore titleist guy.  They didn't mention anything about price yet. I would think they would be around the same price as a single 712mb iron, that's just a guess though.  I will try posting some pics later tonight. 

I know the 712U is set to release to soon. I was wondering what the retail price is going to be and what shaft options are available?

Cheers Shawn

Shawn P.

I know the 712U is set to release to soon. I was wondering what the retail price is going to be and what shaft options are available?

Cheers Shawn

I've heard 179$ in the US with the stock DG shaft... I'm guessing 199$ retail in Canada... 

Available by special order ONLY beginning May 15. Does this apply to Canadians too??


Video and official release link below.





With regards to the retail price, we will have to direct you to a local authorized retailer in order to discuss any pricing.  As for the shafts that are available, our current IRON shaft matrix is applicable with the 712U

Ryan P - Team Titleist

Thanks for the reply Ryan. I've tried contacting GolfTown and they know nothing about it. The reason I'm inquiring about it cause I'd like to have it as soon as possible for the upcoming golf season. If I'm ordering custom I'm sure it will take awhile to arrive. 

Thanks Shawn

Hi Shawn,

Was it Golf Town Barrie who you contacted?

We just want to confirm so that we can follow up with them and ensure everyone all all the info they need. The way that we have launched this club is a little unique so that is likely why you received that answer.

Thanks as always for your comments and feedback!

-Mitch D

Thanks for the replies guys. It was the GolfTown in Barrie Mitch. Thanks for looking into this for me and getting me set up for this season. Gonna be a great season with all the new gear fully loaded. Just gotta pick me up some more Prov's.

Cheers Shawn