Where do you split your combo set?

I'm looking to order a set of CB/MB and am undecided on where to start the MB in the set. The 7iron and 8irons are where I am thinking I could go either way.

Wondering where you guys have split your sets, maybe some are playing AP1/AP2 or AP2/CB. Let me know I think it might be interesting to see. Let us know why you did it that way too.


Mathew...  Interesting topic.

I am currently a purist - in that I have a set of AP1's that go from 3 to P after which I have a 48 Degree SM4 wedge, a 52 degree wedge and a 56 degree sand wedge. Given I have so many Irons and wedges I only have room for one more club in the bag apart from my driver and that is a 2 rescue. As noted in one of the other posts, I hope to change that this spring after a fitting at Eagles Nest.

To be honest - I never thought of changing the type of Iron within the set. Certainly an interesting concept and I have heard of a number of people that have chosen to do that. So far from what I have gathered it seems that the concept is to get a more forgiving club for the long irons, and more workable clubs for the mid irons. To my way of thinking (based on my play) I would probably make the switch starting with the 6 iron.

So - that would be 3,4,5 with the AP1 and 6 through 9 with more of a players club. The wedge is where I would like to start tweaking for the short game.

It will be interesting to see what others have actually done.


Mathew...  In another post about Shafts for the 714's, Ryan had this to say...

"With regards to the 714 vs. the 712 irons, through testing the 714 3-5 irons will go higher, the middle of the set or 6 and 7 are more transitional and the short end or 8-PW will flight lower.  For individuals this will hold true for most as well."

This may help guide you in your decision on where to split your set...


My dream set is actually (since the event at Eagle's Nest) 3,4,5 AP1's and 6,7,8,9 AP2's with vokeys following....

I was contemplating just going to 4 iron and having the 5 as an AP2 also but that'll be a "fitting day" decision!

I am thinking about splitting my next set also.

AP1 from 4 to 7, AP2 from 8 to GW, and then 54 and 60 vokeys .

Can't wait to order!

Hey Matt,

I was in the exact same boat your in right now last winter, I planned on getting a cb/mb combo... I thought I was going to do 7-pw since the cb's are the ever bit more forgiving over the mb's (I didn't know if I was good enough to play it) but after hitting the MB 6 iron multiple times and comparing the feel and forgiveness to the CB 6 iron, I actually liked the MB better!  I felt the MB had a slightly better feel and the forgiveness was the same, I liked the thinner sole and the offset was the same I believe so I felt confident enough to game the MB 6 iron. The specs on the sets are the same until you get into the 3-5iron so I went 4-5 CB (no 3 since I'm rotating between the 712U and 20*913Hd) 6-PW MB and never looked back. I've been gaming the combo set all summer and had a very successful season, I couldn't be more happy with my selection. All I have to say is if you can hit the MB 6 iron and are confident in hitting it then include it in your combo!

Hope this help.


Decided to keep it the same as my last few sets, 4-6 CB and 7-PW MB will add 3 SM5 vokey wedges to that next year

Ordered them hopefully they are here for christmas!