913 D3 9.5 downsize to a 910 D2 9.5 Shaft Question

Hey Rob,

First off welcome to TT, you will love it here. 

In regards to your question, I certainly empathize with the restricted equipment budget but the one concern I have, and it's a big one, is the legitimacy of the 910 head.

There is an I credibly large amount of counterfeit product on the market and it would be hard to believe the year you are buying is the real thing unless the seller has the original purchase receipt as well as proof of registration. It's very easy for the counterfeit manufacturer to engrave a fake serial number on the hosel.

Before investigating shaft options I would recommend investigating authenticity. Just my two cents. Welcome to TT


Not to worry Alex, 

I've seen the club and he simply is just switching to the new 913 head.... Still find it hard to believe not one shaft suggestion... the problem is finding one with the OEM tip.. since I'd likely have to order from Titleist anyway if I was to do this I figured I'd might get some feedback, last shaft was an Aldila NV 350s (green) in a png G5 10.5 degree. The rep said spin was a touch high and got me into a 913 D3 9.5 with Aldila Rip Phenom 70 s giving me ten more yard carry. I was curious if it be best to start with that shaft in a 910 D2 9.5 Degree or try something else. If I'm ordering in I'm sure the shaft isn't cheap!

Nice to hear its all good.  I am surprised, as you are, that you have not received a response about the original question. Sounds like the fitter has you dialed in well though.  I am sure Mitch, Ryan, or one of the TT members should be able to help you out. Good luck

Alrighty then..... A shout out to Mitch, Ryan or any other TT members with thoughts on shaft suggestions!


Apologize for the delay.

I wanted to weigh in on the shaft only purchase.  This is actually a service that we do offer; you will have the ability to purchase any approved shaft on our matrix and customize it to your desired length and grip.  When the shaft ships, it will ship with the SureFit Tour Hosel and proper SureFit Tour weight in order to help get the swing weight to the standard D2 in the 910D. 

As for additional shafts, due to custom club fitting being such an intricate process, it is difficult to make recommendations without being able to see your swing or ball flight in person.  I would however feel confident with the sales representatives recommendation. 

The shaft in particular that you were fit for, the ALDILA RIP PHENOM is actually a stock shaft in the NEW 913 series of metals.  It is a great performing shaft and we have heard some tremendous feedback.  For an order placement or pricing inquiry, please visit your closest Authorized Titleist Dealer.  If you need some assistance in locating one, please contact us at 1-877-928-8898 for further guidance.

Ryan P - Team Titleist

Hi Ryan,

Would going the route of the Aldila RIP Phenom 70 S in a 910 D2 9.5  vs. a 913 D3 9.5  be a smart call? Would I get similar characteristics or would the head difference suggest a slightly different shaft? I loved the RIP Phenom coming from the Aldila NV 65 S and with my ball speed right around 150-152 in the cold Canadian winter I figure it probably would be a great match (as stated before my spin rates coming down 700-800 to the mid higher 2000's off my current gamer). But that being said if I was going to go with slightly older tech (the 910 D2)   and spending the money on a new shaft I'd love to make sure its the best setup for my swing.




In regards to being similiar in characteristics, I would have to answer yes but wanted to point out some differences.  Again it is all swing dependant so it will be hard to say without getting on a launch monitor.  With regards to the NEW 913 driver, there will be a small decrease in spin (more so in the D2) than the previous generation due to a new design and positioning of the centre of gravity.  One of the other differences you will see with the NEW 913 driver is there is a new faster face insert which increases ball speeds across the face, mostly on off centre hits. 

One of the major benefits with the SureFit Tour Hosel is that you have the ability to independantly adjust loft from lie so this can assist in bringing some of the spin down. 

Understanding budgetary constraints, I do feel you are on the right path with the recommended shaft; you will see some small differences but again the head design of the 910 vs. the competitors plus with our SureFit Tour Hosel capabilities,  you will be able to dial your self into a better fitting club.

Ryan P - Team Titleist