Titleist National Fitting Centre at Eagles Nest

Hi Brian,
Thanks for writing in!
First, which ever iron you land up with, we hope it helps lower your scores.  Of course, we think there is a Titleist model that will fit you nicely and allow you to accomplish that! ; )
There is no set date for the opening of the National Fitting Centre at Eagles Nest.  It is all weather dependent. Late March is usually the target.

For more information and contact detail : http://www.titleist.ca/golf-club-fitting/ or call us at 1-877-928-8898

Please say hello to Mr. Ahrens for us who we're confident will point you in the right direction.

All the best,
Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

Hi all,

I got fitted for both my 712 AP2's and 913 D2 at the Titleist National Fitting Centre and can't say enough good things!  Great service, top notch facility and all the latest launch equipment...What more can you ask for?

Looking forward to getting fit this spring for the a 913 fairway wood and hybrid to complete my set!

Spring is only weeks away now fellas!

My first fitting with Chris at the Eagles Nest Fitting Centre was an awesome experience. I can't say enough about that dude's knowledge and professionalism. The facility was definitely top-notch, we had a fresh patch of turf to work with and the Trackman didn't miss a beat. Plus it was nice to be able to sneak out for a quick round at Eagles Nest afterwards. :D

I was fitted for irons and we landed on the AP2s with standard length and a 2-degree upright lie. Which was interesting as I had been fitted once before and told to bend my irons 2 degrees flat (and have had trouble fixing a small fade ever since). He emailed me my fitting results and the Trackman info, gave me a couple sleeves of ProV1x balls and some Titleist alignment sticks and sent me on my way.

Like I said I had been fitted once before and it was very much a get you in and get you out process with nothing more than a lie board and a net. Chris and I took our time and tried almost every possible option to compare results on a beautifully manicured range. I left finally feeling like I had a set of clubs that were perfect for me. My new AP2s arrived yesterday and they feel like a dream. Needless to say I'll be spending the majority of my Saturday at the range smacking the shine off these things...

Thanks to Chris and Titleist for the great experience!
I'll be back next year for the new driver. ;)

For those who are interested in reading about my experience check out the thread entitled: ( Shaft Fitting - Driver vs Irons ) in this blog. I was at Eagles Nest last week and updated the thread with some of my data and the experience.

My new driver is on order :)


Mitch D

Hello Greater Toronto Area/Ontario!
We're curious, do you have any plans to visit  the Titleist National Fitting Centre at Eagles Nest this spring or summer?
If so, what do you plan to be fit for?
Have you been before?
What was your experience like?

I do have plans on seeing Jordan and the gang up there at some point next month. My fitting at EN at the Titleist National Fitting Centre is going to be long game focused. I have not been fit there before and haven't been there in general. In a pre-emptive move I did trade an X Hot Pro for a 910 D2 straight up today. I'm glad I did so.. stupid tight budgets. A 913F or 910F in 19* is imminent.


I am interested in coming up to this May 31, 2013 at Eagles Nest.  Can I get an appointment to be fitted (I am looking at advanced fitting).  I would like to get a set of Titleist clubs, driver, fairway woods, hybrid and may be a putter.

Kindly reply to rcuachon@yahoo.com for my confirmed time on May 31, 2013.

Yours truly,


Well its 913 time. Booked to see Chris on Wednesday - Hope the weather holds. Anyone know how accurate the Trackman is in the rain?

Hello Rizalde,
Thanks for the note and thank you for your interest in getting fit at The Titleist National Fitting Centre.
Unfortunately, we are completely booked up on Friday, May 31st.  Given that we're in peak season, we book far more then 3 days out at this time of year. 

Please contact Titleist Customer Service at 1.877.928.8898 to book and appointment.  To learn more about Titleist Club Fitting, please visit http://www.titleist.ca/golf-club-fitting/ .

We look forward to hearing how your experience went at the National Fitting Centre.

All the best,
Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

Hey Everyone,

For those who are interested, I had my driver fitting yesterday at the National Fitting Centre and just wanted to share my experience.

To preface my story I would like to mention that I was fitted for my irons at Piper's Heath and it was done via Trackman and a Titleist fitting cart.

Upon arrival at Eagles Nest the VIP treatment starts right off the bat as there is reserved parking for the Titleist Fitting Centre patrons, great start!!! I hopped out of the car, got the clubs ready and headed down to the range. My appointment was booked with Chris Welton. I had a look around for Chris and eventually found him inisde the fitting centre.  I would assume that should you arrive on your scheduled date and time everything is going to be set-up and waiting for you. I however had a momentary lapse of brain control as I showed up exactly one week early for my appointment. With the embarssment out of the way Chris was gracious enough to accomodate me then and there, thanks Chris.

While I was warming up, Chris setup. I wish I had taken a picture as its quite an impressive setup. It is quite similar to the picture you will find if you go to the titleist home page and then click golf clubs, then golf club fittings.

On to the fitting. I declined using my driver as a baseline as my current gamer is anything but. It has been in the bag since the end of last season as I snapped the shaft on my original driver and did not get it re-shafted as I knew a 913 would be going in the bag. Chris snapped together a standard 913 to start and I started to bang some balls. With every few balls hit and with the trackman data building, Chris started to show his expertise. A click here and a snap there and he would produce a whole new setup.

With feedback from the trackman, myself, and Chris' expertise we experimented with more set-ups discarded the poor performers and kept the keepers aside. I probably hit at least 15 different set-ups. We narrowed the loft down, the shaft flex, and all that was left was to decide on shaft. Let me tell you here that Chris is an expert with deciphering and explaining all the trackman stats and how the corelate to finding the ideal set-up.

After over an hour of hitting tee shots, we finally settled in on a 913D2, A1 Setting, with an Aldila RIP Phenom 70 in Stiff. Placed the order this morning and cant wait to start gaming it.

All in all the experience at the National Fitting Centre is first class. If you have never been you owe it to yourself to go. I will never by another Titleist product before first being properly fit at the National Fitting Centre. Thanks to Chris and thanks to Titleist.

Alex Z

Hey guys,

First post on here. I'm from Charlottetown, PEI and am going to The Titleist National Fitting Centre at Eagles Nest this Friday for a full bag fitting with Mr Chris Welton. From the replies in this post, it looks like I'm in for a real treat. Looking forward to the day and will be sure to post about my experience.

Ryan Ramsay  

Hey guys,

Just got back today from my trip to The Titleist National Fitting Centre at Eagles Nest. I had my fitting on Friday with Mr Chris Welton and the day blew away my expectations. I arrived at Eagles Nest nice and early to make sure I had enough time to have a proper warm-up. When Chris told me he was ready for me, I made my way over to the area he had set-up. Chris thoroughly explained how he was going to go about finding the proper fit and made me feel very comfortable before we began. After testing a number of different set-ups we decided on the 913 D2 10.5 with a Aldila RIP Phantom Shaft. Not only is the new driver giving me more yardage but it is a lot straighter. Chris did an excellent job and I would highly recommend him and The Eagles Nest experience to anyone who is thinking about it. Chris knows his stuff and made sure I was leaving with the best possible combination for my swing. I can't wait for the driver to arrive and to get it in play.  


Attending the National Fitting Centre Tomorrow for a 913 D3 ! really looking forward to getting a new driver in the bag... i love my 910 but me and my coach decided it was time for a change and for some newer and better technology ! i agree hahah. Chris W is a pretty cool guy met him a few times. look forward to getting fit Tomorrow !!! 

Yes I have plans!

Myself and a golf buddy are planning on making a day trip. Are you available March 28th?

Driver, 3W fittings for each of us.

Have not been before but a friend highly recommends to get fit!


Rich Heslop