Wedge fitting

That's great.  So you know the link on the Titleist page says different than the Vokey page.  May be the cause of some of the confusion.

This response surprises me, is this based on the majority of people hitting wedges with an open stance?  I have 5 Vokeys of different lofts and bounce that I put into my bag at differnet times of the year due to turf conditions, all are standard lie as per my AP2's, and if anything on the full swing I find the toe will dig a bit deeper.   I logged in to ask a question regarding grinding as my latest addition is a 60-07 which I went to on the advice of one of the guys in the pro shop, and I am wishing I ordered the 60-04 like I had originally intended.  Now I am looking to get the club grinded a bit to see if I can soften it a little.  For the record I have a steep aggressive angle of attack, which I feel may be part of the challenge but it benefits me in a big way on compression and smash factor.

Hi Frank'

You say if any thing you dig the toe in.... How tall are you?

Ths Len

5'11", when I was in my twenties I used to play Wilson Staff Fluid feels bent 2 degrees upright.  As I age I am finding the upright swing is more difficult but I still have a fairly steep angle of attack which is good for the irons and a fitting challenge for the woods.