TT Bag Tag and Lanyard

Thank you ALL for checking in and sending your appreciation for the bag tags!  Just another reason to make sure your profile information/shipping address is up-to-date and accurate and that you continue to interact on the Team Titleist discussion boards and blogs. ; )

We hope your season has started off in top form and you're enjoying the Titleist product that you're gaming! 

As always, please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions, comments or simply just want to say 'HELLO'!

As the U.S Open gets closer, we can't wait to bring you inside-the-ropes this week and update you on all the exciting news rolling out in the months ahead.

All the best,
Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

How do you get the bag tags

Hey Mitch - will everyone be receiving a bag tag and lanyard?

Would sure like to get my hands on them!


Hello Mitch!
Wonderful name you have there!

Not all Team Titleist Members received a bag tag or bag tag and lanyard.  Recipients were determined based on profile completion, address completion/accuracy and overall visitation and participation on the discussion boards and blogs. 

We will be in touch with your shortly via email.

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

Hey Mitch


Would love the new bag tag and Lanyard. As an all EXCLUSIVE Titleist Golf Shop- yours truly would show it proud


Bob Culig  PGA

Head Professional

Grand Niagara GC

Yes, just got my bag tag in the mail a couple of weeks ago.  Been getting a lot of comments about it.  Too bad I didn't get it before my trip to the Masters this year, that would've made for some great pictures!  Everyone commenting on how to get one.  I told them I'm special. ;) haha.  Thanks again and hope to have some pictures of tag with my travels soon.

Thanks TT 


Hello Mitch Me and my grandson have purchased new 714 AP2s and 714 MBs .Wondering if I can purchased two Bag tags for our Titleist Bags Robert M.

Hi Robert,
We would be happy to send a couple of bag tags along for yourself and your grandson!
Thank you both for trusting Titleist.

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

Hello Mitch
Thank you .How much do they cost?

Thanks Mitch

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Hi Robert,

As a Team Titleist Member, nothing at all!

We tracked your address down in your Team Titleist profile so you should see 2 bag tags land on your doorstep in a few days.

Thank you once again for your support.

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

As a fellow Titleist devotee, play the irons,Scotty Putter, woods, bags, clothes, even the winter hat-how can i get a TT bag tag?

Best regards,

Robert W.

Hello Mitch,

Would love a bag tag and lanyard as well, Just registered my new 714 AP1 irons and 713F 3 wood. Also ordered 2 new SM5 Vokey wedges.



Hello Mitch,

Would love a bag tag and lanyard as well, Just registered my new 913D2 & 913F + scotty cameron newport 2