Switching Kai'li 65 to Bassara W50 in 910 D2

Hi - I bought my left-handed 910D2 slightly used about six months ago...it came with the Kai'li 65 Reg. flex shaft and the whole club is in great shape.  The problem is that, being a leftie and not having access to fitting last year, I jumped at the chance to get this club and have discovered that the Kai'li is not the shaft for me at all. 

I hit my png G10 great and, after finally having a pro-friend look at shaft options for me, found that it's the shaft that's keeping me from hitting the 910 well.  I managed to try a Bassara W50 A-flex and just love the difference -- it is amazing how much better I can hit the 910 now...such that I want it in my bag over the png G10.  Problem is -- can I somehow trade in my Kai'li shaft for a Bassara W50 somewhere?? 

I do realize that this is another example of why fittings are so important but it just wasn't possible for me to do that last year.

Thanks very much.

Made the switch to the Bassara and I love it!!  This shaft is certainly suited to my easy tempo swing -- hitting it further and straighter than ever before, so am loving it.  Just picked up a 910F 19deg. 5-wood so am looking forward to trying that this weekend!  And wish list how has 910F 15deg. 3-wood on it (would be sweet addition to my Titleist woods).

Yes, I have a bassara shaft too and I'm loving it. I have +15 yards with that shaft on my 913D2.