Shaft and loft

Dear titleist,

It is late in our short northern golf season and all fittings will not be back until next year. On our local launch monitor using driver I was coming in with a 162mph average ball speed, 112mph club head speed, with around 15 degree launch angle and 3800 spin rate using my current regular flex shaft. I am 16 years old so my club head speed has changed dramatically since I got the driver. What shaft and loft should I be using? any specific kick point? 


Quinn Ferris

Hi Quinn,
Thanks for the question.  Your Team Titleist Profile is not complete so we can't track down any Titleist Authorized Fitters in your area.  To do so yourself, please visit . This will allow you to find the nearest Titleist Authorized Fitter in your area who can help recommend accurate specs to meet you needs.

To answer a question like this, it was ALWAYS your best bet to visit a Titleist Authorized Fitter.  However, given the circumstances, we would suggest trying a lower lofted option to bring both launch and spin down. 

Based on your ball speed, you might like the following shafts:
-Diamana White + 62/72 X flex
-Aldila Phenom 70 X  
-Aldila RIP 60/70 Stiff or X

Again, this is a bit of a stab in the dark absent of seeing your swing etc.

We hope this helps!
Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada