Ask Titleist Fitting Expert, Chris Welton your Club Fitting questions...

Hi Whit,

In the spring there will be a complete list of Fitting Days posted for your area on  The local Titleist Sales Representative Mr. Chris Irwin and his Tech Fitting Rep Mr. Kyle Scott will have events all over Nova Scotia.  They will have multiple driver shaft options as well as a launch monitor for each event.  Chris and Kyle are both expert fitters, they will find the best driver for your game!

Thanks for trusting Titleist!


Hi Chris, Thanks again for all your help. I just got fitted through an authorized fitter and the XP 95 worked out beautifully on the 714 AP2 for me. So I am waiting 913 hybrids, fairway wood and 714 AP2 to come in. My only spot to fill is the wedge which I am waiting for the release of SM5 and I am wondering if I should have the wedge shaft match the XP 95 in my irons. Would you have any other suggestions? My swing speed is approximately 88mph. Thanks, Frank

Hi Steve,

Iron fitting consists of the following at the Titleist National Fitting Centre at Eagles Nest:

An evaluation of your current irons using Trackman.  This is used as a reference to see how your current irons perform.

-Testing of Length, Lie and Shaft with the appropriate iron model(s).

-Distance Gap testing for long and short irons to ensure the proper set configuration.

All fittings are performed off of turf (weather permitting) and using ProV1/X to ensure accurate results.

Pricing for an Iron/Short Game Fitting is $100 (plus taxes) for an hour. An authorized Titleist retailer can provide pricing for the irons. 

For the Putter, we can recommend the proper model that suits you!  This can be included during an Iron/Short Game Fitting.

For availability or to book an appointment, please call Customer Service at 1877-928-8898

I hope to see you in the spring!


Hi Frank,

I would go with XP 95 in the wedge.  It is always a good idea to match iron and wedge shafts (consistant feel, etc).

XP 95 has been very popular in AP2 714!  I'm glad you enjoyed them.




Hello Mitch D and Chris W, 

I suffer the same fate over here in Calgary with the snowfall and all. Sure makes for some nice anticipation. 

I am looking to purchase new 3/5 woods this spring as I dont like to replace old faithfuls but they're getting tired. I purchased a 913D3 w/ a Motore Speeder Tour Spec VC 6.2X Stiff shaft and I absolutely love the thing - Bombs away and so buttery. Great fitting and excellent numbers. 

I'm wondering as a Titleist fitter what you might recommend for a shaft in a 913F 15 and 19 degree wood that would give me some comparable boring trajectory....would you stay with the same company, similar identity just heavier? However with the 5 wood, I would want a higher ball flight for better controlled softer landings.

Would really appreciate any input you may have.



Hi Sean,

If you are having good success with the Spd VC 6.2 Tour Spec in the driver, the safe bet would be to stick with that shaft profile in your fairways.

You could try:

-15 913F w/ VC 7.2 Tour Spec

-19 913F w/ VC 8.2 Tour Spec (just added to our shaft matrix)

The 19 913F is usually pretty easy to launch high, most players are able to achieve a playable trajectory no matter what shaft.

I hope this helps!


Perfect, That's pretty well what I figured, but wanted to double check with the guys inside the product line. 


HI Chris,

i game the 712 AP2 6-P and have KBS Tour 90 stiff shafts.  Im thinking of putting in a KBS shaft into my vokey's (gap-lob), should I go with the Wedge Flex Tour 90s in stiff or just the Tour shafts in stiff to keep consistency?

Hi geneticstx,

Consistency is always a good idea for irons and wedge shafts.  Usually we recommended ½ flex softer in the wedges.  If you are happy with your iron shafts, a safe bet would be to go with KBS tour 90 (which was recently added to our shaft matrix).



Hi Chris, I would like to know if I can get fit for a Scotty Cameron Putter at Eagles Nest. I'm currently playing the SC Kombi Model since 2011 and I just want to confirm that I am using the correct putter style for my stroke arc, lie, loft, etc. If I am not then I will most likely get a new putter as it might be time for one. Thanks

Mitch D

With the snow on the ground and the bitter cold amongst us here in Ontario, the Titleist National Fitting Centre is currently closed until the Spring.  This means that our Titleist Fitting Expert, Chris Welton is here ready to answer ANY and ALL of your Club Fitting questions. 

Having completed thousands of Titleist Fittings both at the Titleist National Fitting Centre and in his travels from coast-to-coast, Chris has a wealth of first hand experience fitting golfers from single-low-mid-high handicaps right up to competitive amateurs and professionals.

If you have ever had a club fitting question, now is an excellent time to get it answered!

We look forward to some great questions!

Mitch D (and Chris W!)
Team Titleist Canada

Hi Chris & Mitch,

I just picked up a 913 Hd 18* with a UST Proforce V2 89 X shaft and it has a "white" weight in it (4 g). Could you please briefly describe what effect changing the weights would have (i.e. going heavier) on trajectory and feel.

Hoping the snow here in the GTA clears sometime before July.  : )

Many thanks - Greg 

Hi Nolan,

We can complete a putter recommendations at the National Fitting Centre. We test for length, lie, loft, and toe flow to suit your style of stroke. However, 'official' Scotty Cameron Putter Fittings only take place at the Studio in Carlsbad California right now using state of the art cameras and technology to capture subtleties that the human eye cannot.


Hi Greg,

A heavier weight would increase the head weight and overall swing weight.  Testing shows that changing the weight will not change ball flight.  If you prefer to feel the head more, as some players do, that would be a good reason to change to weight. 



Hi Chris,

I hope all is well and that you have managed to get some rounds in this winter. I am just curious when you are aiming to open up shop? I am very much looking forward to getting fit for some wedges. Hopefully I will come the right day this time 



Looking forward to getting a wedge fitting if winter ever decides to leave. When does the national fitting centre usually open up and when can we book an appointment?