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Hi Alexy V,

If spin is too high, typically a shaft change may not fix the issue.

It could be off center strikes or too much loft at impact.

I would set up a fitting with a launch monitor to make sure spin is the issue.



Hi Mitch and Chris,

I play here in Ontario but will be heading south in early December for several months on and off.

I am interested in the new 915D2 Driver. I am currently using a png G20.

At 62 with a slow swing speed (90-95mh) I need all the distance I can get and the ARC intrigues me.

I was thinking of getting fit in Sarasota Fl. and maybe purchasing there too.

Any thoughts for me on this idea?

Hi Mitch and Chris,


I purchased the 714 AP2 and SM5 wedge earlier this year.  Currently, I have the AP2 50 deg wedge and SM5 56 deg wedge (10 degree bounce, S grind).  I am finding the distance gap between the 2 clubs larger than I would like.


Should I have the 56 deg bent to a 55 deg and compliment it with a 60 deg?  By bending the wedge 1 degree, will there be significant changes to distance gap?  Any other option I should consider?



Hi Chris, Recently got a set of 712 MB's and am hitting them great. The have midsize grips installed. My AP2's had regular grips, smaller hands I guess. Question is should I just leave the existing midsize grips on or replace with normal grips? Worried I might get used to midsize grips, woods are all normal size grips. Any expert advice? I love the MB's-just not as forgiving on the occasional mishits as are my AP2's. Thanks, Rob:)

Hi Frank Y,

Sorry for the delay. 

To compliment your AP2 50 degree, most players fit better into a 54 and 58 combination.  As iron lofts are getting stronger, wedge lofts are following suit.  

When you bend a wedge strong, you will be reducing bounce angle.  That's why a 54 may work better.  

I hope this reaches you in time to help!


Hi Rob W,

Sorry for the delay.

Typically we recommend using a consistent grip size throughout the set.  However, if you are hitting the irons great, I wouldn't be too concerned about the grip size. 

Enjoy your 712 MB's!



I have a 913 hybrid which I would like to change the shaft in.  I wish to put in a diamana x stiff 82 gram with low to mid kick point and I need to know where I might be able to order this from with the surfeit adaptor for the 913h?

don moore

newmarket , Ontario

Hi Don M,

This shaft can be ordered through any Titleist Authorized Retailer.  If you need assistance finding a retailer in Newmarket, click on our golf shop locator here:



I currently use the 905R with the UST Profoce V2 shaft.  I am going to buy the 915 in the spring and I am wondering if you could tell me what the closest shaft to this that is available in thr 915?  I hit my driver fine but its time to upgrade my technology.




Hi Steve R,

We still have the UST Proforce V2 in 66,76,86, and 96 gram options.  If you like your current shaft, it would be safe to say you would enjoy it in 915. 

If you wanted something new, Rogue Silver and Diamana White would be close to the same profile.  



Hi Chris, i was wondering about the NS pro 970 shafts. I had a fitting with them in the 714 MB's. I had tried a couple of shafts. Project X 5.5 as well as KBS tour and C-taper. The 970 shaft felt nice and i was getting that nice sound off the club face. I currently have 710 AP2"s with the project X 6.0. I'm looking at getting a little more feel from the club and i noticed this from the 970's with the MB's. As well i was able to swing at more of the 80% range with more consistency. My question is the NS pro 970 doesn't seem to be a shaft that is mentioned about alot when it comes to fittings. your opinion please.




Hi Macker,

NS Pro 970 is a great option for a player seeking a mid flight in a lightweight package.  Most players would say that the 970 feels much softer than PX. It may not be talked about much as its been on the market for quite some time. 



Hi Chris,

I've been a long time DG-S300 player and am looking at a set of AP-2's with KBS Tour shafts.  Can you tell me what the differences are between the 2 and what I can expect if I end up going with KBS?



Hi Stephen F,

KBS Tour is designed to launch a little higher and feel slightly lighter than DG. 

To most players, the feel and "kick" will be similar. 

I hope this helps!


Hi Chris,

I recently added a 915D2 to the bag, 9.5 with Whiteboard D+70 Stiff... everything set to neutral vanilla settings.  My fitting was done at GolfTown by the Montreal area Titleist Rep (Shawn), and it was a great experience.  He knows his stuff! I put the driver in play two weeks ago during my winter vacation, and was very, very, very satisfied with the overall performance.  For what its worth, I hit a pretty low ball, maybe 10deg launch, ~140mph ballspeed, and ~2000rpm spin...  I found I got loads of run, and I was very pleased with how many fairways I hit considering how rusty my swing was.  I'm also a bit of an enigma, as my mishit fades go farther than my mishit draws...  

That being said, my old 3W and 5W (not Titleist) have Aldila VoodDoo SNV6 shafts in them.  To be honest, I LOVE the feeling of a well struck shot from my woods - they just power through the ball, with such a pleasant feeling at impact.  Very rewarding.  As a result I hit my woods with a lot of confidence, and I believe that confidence comes from the shaft more than the head.  Sadly, they are beat up now, so it is time to replace them.  Most likely, they be replaced by 915F, and was wondering what shafts would best approximate the SNV6's?  Preferably stock option or with a modest up-charge.  The exotics quickly get out of my price range.

On another note, my 24° 913H has a Phenom 80 stiff, and I like it very much.  Not quite as much as the SNV6s, but close.  Because of my positive experience with Aldila shafts, I almost expected to walk out of the driver fitting experience with a Rogue attached to the 915D2, but numbers showed I was better matched to a Whiteboard.

While I like the Whiteboard, it does not have that same sort of "buttery" feeling form the SNV6.  In the end, I may grow to love the telephone pole feeling of the Whiteboard, especially when it is delivering the goods.  But until then, I'd like to know what my options are.