Have you had a HOLE IN ONE?

I got my Hole in One on September 26th, 2004. It was the second day of a two day tournament at Harbourview Golf Club in Gilford Ontario. It was on the second hole which was playing at 165yds with the tee shot over a pond and a hazard all down the right side. Being the second hole, there was a bit of a back-up and as such there was a foursome on the next tee right beside the green, another foursome had just walked off the green, and one more foursome had just come up behind us from the first hole.

My brother had just hit a fantastic shot straight at the pin which landed and rolled to about 5 feet. With a look of pride he turned to me and said "Beat that ! "

I stepped up, took my 7 iron out of my bag and teed up my ball. After lining up my shot I took a long smooth swing at the ball and wtched it fly. To my amazement, it was going straight at the flag instead of my normal fade. We all watched as the ball landed on the green just short of my brothers ball. It hopped over his ball and rolled slowly towards the pin. As it dropped into the hole, I was elated and as I heard all the cheers from the other foursomes watching, my emotions quickly shifted from elation to dread. (I still don't understand why it is the guy who makes the hole in one has to buy drinks).

Funny thing is when I got to the next tee, I set down my ball preparing to hit it when one of my friends quickly stopped me and ask what I was doing. Figuring I had earned the honours on the tee, I couldn't understand his concern until he pointed out that with my fade I was likely to lose that ball off the tee with all the tres on the right. I agreed and quickly pocketed the ball and replaced it with another. Turns out he was right. I guess with my nerves still a little jangled, my fade turned into a slice and I was hitting three off the tee.

As for the drinks - Being the second day of a two day tournament and banquet night, I did the math and placed a bottle of wine on each of the tables. My only hole in one (so far), and all I can say is that I truly hope my next one is with a much smaller group as witnesses.


Just that close this past saturday on #16 at Devils Paintbrush.

My first hole in one was at my first junior golf tournament on the 18th hole! (With a Titleist Golf ball!)

I have had two hole in ones  51 weeks apart.

First one July 3rd 2012 17th Hole Blue Springs Par 3 downhill with a nine iron. I was playing 142yds and I flew the ball directly into the hole on the fly. It hit the edge of the cup and tore the cup. They had to recut the hole as the damage to the edge was irreparable.

Second one June 26th 2013  16th hole Bond Head North Par 3 nine iron 146 yds. Ball lands short and runs into cup. I had thought that the ball had rolled off the back of the green but partners said that it went in. I did not believe them until I found it in the hole.


Steve Kozai

To Titleist ,My name is Rene Steinpatz and I had my hole in one On May5 2013 at Amherstview Golf and Country Club,in KIngston Ont Canada.I play only with the New Prov1's nothing else,it was on mens opening day Sunday breakfast league,on the 5th hole 158 yds,with a soft 6 iron into a left to right wind,it was a awesome feeling,and everyone on the surrounding holes knew,Nothing better than marking a 1 on your card and I was able to continue on with a respectable score of 75(par72course).I am enclosing photos for your viewing .I was told that sometimes Titleist sends some type of reconition for this if so That would be great to show my buddies if not its still nice to have a hole in one with your buddies kind of bragging rights lol.Thank-you Titileist prov1.Mailing address is Rene Steinpatz 3134 princess st.Kingston Ont.Canada,K7L4V2.