2012 Titleist Lanyards?

Just wondering if anyone knows where i can get my hands on one of these. My buddy was wearing his a few days ago but I can't find anywhere to get one online. Thanks !
Very interested aswell in trying to get ahold of one of these.

Thanks for checking in!

The individuals you see with Titleist lanyards likely secured them through an event we have hosted in the past for golf professionals and/or golf retailers.  Of course, we have never had Titleist lanyards for sale. 

That being said, perhaps that's an idea for a Titleist/Team Titleist logo'd item? Thoughts?



Mitch D - Team Titleist Canada

Thanks for the quick response Mitch! That would be a fantastic idea. I would love to sport one of these as I currently use a lanyard all the time for my car keys/house keys.

Hi, I agree... i would be very much interested in a Team Titleist lanyard! Great idea!!!

Very much interested in one as well.

Need to fuel my Titleist-fanboy image!!! haha 

It would be very cool to have a Titleist lanyard!

Bilal M.

Ya that would be very cool to have one of them. 

Steve H 

That sounds like a great idea Mitch. Sign me up. 

I would love to sport a Titleist lanyard at work. I never

get tired of showing off the Titleist logo everywhere I go. 

Between my Titleist backpack and computer bag the lanyard

would be a perfect fit.



Count me in too! 

Let us know when you think Titleist might start sending them off to the golf shops for sale. That way we have a good chance of getting one before they sell out !