Team Titleist Bag Tags

Any idea when we can get our hands on these?

I caught wind of these on the Titleist Twitter account the other day. They actually look pretty sick. I was quoted on Twitter saying to wait until the snow melts lol ;). So I'm pretty sure we will be seeing these in the near future. Can't wait!

Cheers Shawn

Right on thanks ! Here in Mississauga most of the snow is gone ;) 

That would be great to get. Hopefully we will.



Indeeed, that would look very sharp on the bag.

it would be wonderful if Titleist sent out Team Titleist bag tags!!!!

Sounds great! I'd love to add one to my bag.

Would look good on my bag  :-)

Woo-whoo Team Titleist - I'd like my golf bag to look super cool with one of these too...please/s'il vous plait :)

would love to add one of these to my bag...  hook it up Titleist!!!

Yeah been hitting balls for a month can't wait to get going would be nice to have TT tag the snow will be gone in Calgary soon suppose to be 12 today and tomorrow

Would be great to have one on my bag with my new Titleist 913's Driver, 3 wood and 3 hybrids.

I would love to display one on my Titleist bag!

Is Titleist just sending them out to lucky team members? It would be great to have one on my bag. I love my Titleist equipment and would be proud to display this tag.


Yeah, I have to agree with the bag would be the finishing touch on my off season switch over to Titleist!!