Team Titleist Bag Tags

That would look very cool on my brand new Titleist bag.

Hope to get one.

Want one to

Would love to get my hands on one! Would be a great addition to my bag!

One here in PEI would be great.
Golf starts in another month and a bit! We have a bet on who will have the first 3 jack of the season. A couple years ago a guy in our group first to have more then a 2 put on the season went right for the jugular and took a 4 spot hahaha.

Hopefully soon!  geared up for this season. A TT bag tag would look really nice with my set!


I'd love to add a TT bag tag with my set as well, it would compliment my DriHood Towel-Bag Hood and the rest of my Titleist gear!!

I have to say that is likely the only good thing about winter in Ontario. I have not had a three putt in months :) !


Yes, this would indeed be very cool to represent Titleist this way!!!!

Yes I would like a bag tag as well to go with my new set of clubs & bag I will be picking up this weekend.  Going home to Scotland in a few weeks for a holiday, so looking forward to playing some real links golf when I am home.  Then all the snow will be gone in Whistler & the courses will be open when I get back.

Would be a great addition of the new Titleist bag

First off, let me say that when I bought my 690.MB's and Titleist drivers, Fairways etc., and fitted them to my specs, I felt very special  gamming them and others noticed as well and would say very positive things, I felt even more blessed because of the compliments that I received toward my game.

Today, I came home to the mail slot and opened something that again made me feel very special, a Bag Tag and a Lanyard to go along with my hole in one Titleist pewter medallion and everything else this site has bestowed on me, again I am truly blessed to be associated with the best in the industry.  To be given these items without asking for them truly makes one feel special and acknowledged. 

Mitch, thankyou and all the people at Team Titleist Canada so very much for sending these items and the recognition that it gives the end user of Titleist equipment as a loyalist, you continue to exceed my expectations as my golf supplier of clubs, balls and accessories.

I'm just WOWED! 

Just arrived home from my regular Tuesday Game at the Belvedere GC in PEI. My Team Titleist Bag Tag was in the mailbox! A nice little surprise form the gang at Titleist!

Got home after a long day at work and received a special surprise in the mail, a Team Titleist Bag Tag and Lanyard! I'm sure the other team members feel the same when I say, it would give me a source of pride to display this on my bag.

Thanks Mitch, Ryan and everyone at Team Titleist, you make us feel like an integral part of an outstanding organization.

It sounds like you and I had the same kind of day Jeff!  Team Titleist is the best! 

Thanks to Team Titleist for the bag Tag Lanyard received them in the Mail Yesterday and they were in action last night, shot a even par 35 and won my 9 hole match 6.5 to 2.5